Our Outlets

Our Outlets

Why not visit one of our beautiful shops in Leeds Kirkgate Market all of our shops are on the Top Row of the indoor market hall.



This shop was first taken over by Laurence Gough nearly 40 years ago where he went into partnership with one of his friends. Back then it was called M&G FRUITS. Laurence then bought his friends half of the business and changed the name of the business, naming it after his oldest child Neil. Neils has always had a fantastic reputation for quality, locally sourced fruit and vegetables at low prices. This reputation still stands today. Laurence, Janet (Wife of Laurence) and Neil can all still be seen putting in the hours within this shop today. Neils was where our catering division began however it was only a very small part of the business back then.



Olivers fruit shop was bought nearly 5 years ago and was named Olivers after Laurences grandson. This shop was in fact one of the first shops Laurence ever worked in when he worked for a company named Greenhill Nurseries. So when this shop came up for sale after a lot of years, Laurence decided he should take it back. Olivers sells a wide variety of fruit and vegetables and is now well known for pre-bagged apples, pears & anything else you can think of for just £1. Why not stop off at Olivers and get a full carrier bag full of bananas for only £1.


The Catering Division

The catering division expanded at a rapid rate due to the fantastic customer service given to all customers throughout Leeds and Bradford. Laurence and Neil appointed Matt (Laurences Nephew) and Heidi (Laurences Daughter) to develop and manage The Catering Division on a daily basis which has proven to be a very good move as they introduced a huge range of dried goods, frozen products, dairy, cheeses, fresh breads and so much more to the never ending list of produce and goods. Laurence decided that as the focus of the business has always been on Leeds City Centre Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs, Cafes & Bars that the new Catering Division should remain within easy reach of the City Centre so that the service and reputation that was gained would not be compromised. As the business grew larger and the delivery areas grew The Catering Division  added on new vehicles to the fleet so that the customer service experience could continue.