Fruit boxes

Neil’s Fruit Boxes

Neil’s Fruit Boxes are the leading suppliers of seasonal fruit boxes to offices throughout Leeds.

Providing fresh fruit for employees has many benefits including:

  • increased job satisfaction
  • improved employee relations
  • reduced absenteeism

We can cater for small and large businesses alike on a regular basis with prices starting at just £10 including delivery.

We like to tailor our fruit boxes to meet the needs of our customer, just let us know your preferences and how much you would like to spend and we will do the rest. Also FREE DELIVERY is included. Contents may vary see examples below.

fruit_box10              fruit_box_20            fruit_box15

Please email us your order or call 0113 2458785 so our staff can assist you with your order.

Free delivery throughout Leeds – payment on delivery or call us to discuss an account option.

Neil’s Fresh Milk Service

When you order your fruit boxes why not add on your Milk? We can supply you with            1 pints, 1 litres or 2 litres in skimmed, semi skimmed or full fat.


Tea, Sugar & Coffee

You could even have the option of having your tea, coffee and sugar delivered with your fruit boxes. Here at Neil’s we like to make life as simple as possible for our customers and having all your office essentials delivered in one go goes along way to keeping your staff happy.


Sugar Cubes, Sugar sachets, Sweeteners, UHT Milk Portions, Nescafe Coffee Sticks, Nescafe Decaf Coffee Sticks, 1 Cup Teabags (Tetley), Herbal & Fruit Tea

Soft Drinks

Are you fed up of paying too much for a simple bottle of water or juice. Well why not have it delivered free of charge to your office. Keep the brain hydrated increasing productivity.

Harrogate Spa still and sparkling water, Flavoured water, Soft drinks, Cordials and Still and Sparkling fruit juices.

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